These vegetables prevent corona virus.  Works on all variants!

Researchers from the University of Nottingham in the “Al Foah” magazine report they obtained evil bolian (Thapsia garganica) A compound called tapsigargin severely inhibits the reproduction of all SARS-CoV2 variants.

Interestingly, the milk juice of the Apulian mass, which after concentration has the form of brown lumps, was used in antiquity, also in the later Middle Ages in medicine.

Scientists who decided to test the effects of the substance on the Corona virus in previous experiments noticed this Even in small doses, this substance provokes a strong response in the body against various virusesIncluding SARS-CoV2.

Meanwhile, in new experiments, they first compared the cellular activity of different variants of the coronavirus – alpha, beta and gamma. The delta variant is 4 times faster than the alpha variant – and 9 times faster than the beta variant. At the same time, the transition to the next cells was much more effective. As it turned out, infection with different variants at the same time usually gives a synergistic effect, that is, viruses accelerate the reproduction of each other.

However, the researchers also have good news. in cell research All variants of the coronavirus were susceptible to tapsigargin. The substance effectively protects against infection and prevents already existing infections.

The study gave us a better view of the nature of delta dominance. Although we have shown that it is most contagious and enhances the production of other viruses when co-infected, we are pleased to have shown that tapsigargin is effective against all variants. Together, these results demonstrate the antiviral potential of tapsigargin for post-exposure prophylaxis and as a therapeutic substance.
– says the professor. Qin Chao Chang.

Source:, PAP

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