These people will be exempt from paying the RTV subscription in 2024. We know the amount of the subscription fee

The amount of the Radio and Television license fee is known, which will apply from January 1, 2024. All persons with a radio or television receiver must pay the RTV license fee. The National Broadcasting Council also provided a list of persons exempt from subscription fees. Check who does not have to pay an RTV subscription and the extent of deductions for paying fees for a period longer than a month.


The obligation to pay the subscription fee applies to every household in which you are present At least one radio or television receiver. Individuals contribute One subscription feeNo matter how many receivers they have in their home or car they own.

They also pay a single fee, regardless of how many radios or televisions are owned in the same building or group of buildings Public health care facilities, sanatoriums, nurseries, public and non-public organizational units of the education system, state and non-state universities, nursing homes.

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Third parties are obligated to pay a fee for every radio or television set they own, including those in company vehicles.

It is worth noting that the payment is made for the cable, satellite or digital platform It does not exempt from the obligation to pay the subscription fee. The requirement to pay a subscription fee relates to the use of the radio or television receiver, not to the content of the programs being broadcast.

Based on the article. 4 sec. 1 of the Law of April 21, 2005 on Subscription Fees Certain groups of people are exempted from the subscription fee. The condition for benefiting from the exemptions is to present the identity card and the documents authorizing the exemption from the post office subscription fee and to provide a statement that the conditions for benefiting from the above-mentioned exemptions are fulfilled. Repetition.

Subscription fee waivers are available from the first day of the month following the month in which confirmation of use of the waiver was obtained.

The list of people who are exempt from paying the RTV license fee is quite long. Check if you are eligible for the exemption. In the gallery below, we show who won’t have to pay RTV in 2024!

See the gallery(28 photos)

From January 1, 2024, the monthly fee will be for radio 8.70 PLN. The subscriber will pay PLN 104.40 annually. The monthly fee for using a TV set or a TV and radio set will be: 27.30 PLN. Annually, the recipient will incur a cost of PLN 327.60.

Set-top box users who pay the subscription fee for the entire year by January 25, 2024 will receive 10% off.

Please note that there is a subscription fee Payment is made in advance by the 25th of the monthfor which fees are due. Fees can be paid in advance throughout the year or for selected subsequent months. Then the recipients are entitled Discount for paying fees for more than one month.

In the gallery below we show the amount of the subscription fee including the deductions.

See the gallery(28 photos)

Subscription payments must be made to the bank account number containing the subscriber’s individual identification number. In order to pay the subscription fee, it is necessary to know the subscriber’s 26-digit bank account number, which is assigned to each subscriber during recipient registration.

Entry Fee It can be presented at all post offices and via the website of Poczta Polska SA without charging an additional fee. Payment can also be made at other financial institutions. You can pay for an RTV subscription in several ways:

  • at the post office
  • On the payment platform on the Poczta Polska website
  • by electronic transfer

All radio and television receivers are subject to registration in order to collect a subscription fee for their use. Inspections of compliance with the registration of RTV receivers are carried out by authorized personnel of Poczta Polska. During the inspection, employees are required to present a permit to carry out inspection activities, an official identification card, as well as an identity card, at the request of the inspected entity.

The person being inspected must be able to inspect that radio and television equipment must be registered, or show proof that radio and television equipment has been registered. When conducting an inspection, it is necessary to establish four elements:

  • device presence
  • Instantly ready to receive a TV or radio program
  • Registration (or lack thereof) of the device
  • Usage period (the recipient has 14 days to register)

If it is detected that an unregistered radio or television receiver is being used, the fee will be charged A fee of 30 times the monthly subscription fee Valid on the day the unregistered receiver was used.

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