These pensions will be paid in November 2022. Below are the gross and net interest rates

These pensions will be paid in November 2022. In August and September, the fourteenth pensioners received in their accounts. Next month, seniors will receive the basic pension they are entitled to after making the tax and index changes for the year. Check what the prices are.

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The fourteenth pension in 2022 has already reached all those entitled to additional funds. Seniors got ‘fourteen’ in addition to the base benefit, so the conversions were higher.

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In October, the elderly received a basic pension, To which they are entitled after tax changesIt also came into effect from July 2022. The same will happen in November 2022.

The tax reform is to reduce the lowest tax rate from 17 to 12 percent. Persons receiving pensions totaling up to 2,500 PLN did not benefit from this change (unless they had other additional taxable income with personal income tax) because their entire income from these pensions in the amount of tax exemption – 30,000 PLN.

The situation is different for people with higher pensions. In their case, ZUS deducts from the total pension both the health insurance contribution and the tax advance. What does this mean for the elderly? See what the gross and net annuity rates are. Details in our showroom.

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