These northern lights look dangerous.  NASA shared an unusual photo

The Northern Lights appeared in Iceland, which may terrify many people. It has formed a spiral shape that gives the impression that it is moving.

We don’t yet know what is responsible for the shape of the aurora borealis. NASA scientists have devised a plan to help them research and discover this matter Puzzle. Meanwhile, lovers of the night sky can enjoy the wonderful scenery. Some of them look a little scary.

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Dangerous aurora borealis over Iceland

The northern lights are nothing but the solar wind. Explosions in the Sun cause a coronal mass ejection that reaches the Earth’s surface. When it interacts with our planet’s atmosphere, it causes a light phenomenon called the aurora borealis. Our magnetosphere intercepts the flow of charged particles from the Sun and diverts them in flight.

It is impossible to predict what color and shape the aurora borealis will take. It can form an arc, form a broad band, or appear in the sky as a beam of light. Depending on the height at which it is located, it also takes on different colors. Northern Lights hunters marvel at this phenomenon precisely because it is so unpredictable.

NASA shared a photo on their Facebook profile working on fiction. This phenomenon appears as if it might be dangerous to the observer.

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The northern lights hover over Lake Myvatn

In March 2022, astrophotographer Christoph Suarez traveled through Iceland in search of the most beautiful aurora borealis. But near Lake Myvatn, he saw one that frightened him. Then a vortex of light appeared above the surrounding volcanic landscape. It looked as if it was going to drag him inside. If you look at the image below, you can see the photographer’s car beneath the huge aurora borealis. I must admit that the view is impressive. Would you like to see something like this above your car?

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