These home gadgets and devices block the Wi-Fi signal when they are near the router

The Internet is now taken for granted, and everyone uses it. The operation of many devices depends on the Internet connection. This is a computer, laptop, telephone, speakers, TVs and even refrigerators, washing machines and other smart devices. This is why it is important to have a good range. Certain items found in almost every home can interfere with or weaken signal reception. Know these items and don’t keep them near your router if you want good coverage.

Nowadays, almost every home has access to wireless internet. It is a great convenience to use devices such as phone, tablet and laptop. However, some things may interfere with or weaken signal reception. Therefore, you should not keep them near the router if you want to get good range. So what should not be placed next to the router? We explain.

These may be signs of wifi interference:

  • wireless disconnect,
  • Bluetooth devices pairing problems,
  • slow performance of one device when the other is running,
  • The wireless signal strength decreases within range of the router,
  • Slow download and upload speed.

The router should not be locked in a cabinet or placed under a bed, and placed next to metal objects, such as a radiator. All metal and concrete obstacles greatly impair range. If you know the causes of crosstalk, you can counteract and improve the quality of your internet connection. What weakens the Wi-Fi signal? Now see in our gallery.

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