There’s no The Elder Scrolls 6 on the horizon, but the eternally young Skyrim is getting a massive mod that’s supposed to last 60 hours. Lordbound finally gets a release window

July 2, 2024, 9:00 PM

author: Zuzana Domiradzka

The massive mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has finally got a release date. The project, the size of the full expansion, will provide dozens of hours of fun.

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Bethesda is not keeping quiet about The Elder Scrolls VI at the moment, although fans of this wonderful RPG series will probably want to return to Tamriel. While waiting for the “six”, you can remember the twelve-year-old Skyrim, which was the last major part of the series. A good opportunity for this will be the premiere of a huge modification of Bethesda’s work, for both the standard and special editions.

Lordbound release date

responsible for the situation Lordbond pomegranate Appointment They’ve released a new trailer for the project (below), which reveals its approximate release date. If there’s no progress, we’ll be playing this mod before the premiere. This is the sixth. Lordbond It is scheduled to premiere in March 2025.

If you follow most of the updates regarding this mod, you will realize how important it is to announce the date of its first appearance. Lordbond Announced in 2016, the project has caught the attention of thousands of fans. Appointmentwill be released almost a decade after its first trailer was released.

What is this huge situation?

The mod will introduce a new area to the game that will be “larger than the entire island of Soltsheim.” Story Lordbond will focus On the inhabitants of the Drodakh Valley, who had long been isolated from the rest of the world, and who were engaged in conflict with the Imperial Legion. For this reason, the settlers are forced to seek shelter in nearby Highrich, where Lord Helan is stationed.

The player will join a man on an expedition to discover the truth about his family’s past. During our adventures, we will make important decisions that will affect our relationships with the characters we meet (including the goblins and the Legion) and the fate of the entire valley.

The mod’s creators claim that it will be as big as the standalone story expansions published by larger development studios. Lordbond It’s an adventure that includes more than 60 hours of fun, Which will offer a lot of new content. In addition to the new area, it will include:

  1. More than 40 missions;
  2. more than 50 new dungeons;
  3. Access to Additional armor, weapons and spells.

Interestingly, all the NPCs are present. Lordbond It should be fully expressed. In addition, the creators of the project took care of the soundtrack dedicated to the modification.

  1. Lordbound – Mod Page for TES V: Skyrim

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