There’s another trailer and a month to go!  New light on post-Batman events

Penguin It comes with a brand new trailer – the second trailer for the production of the Max platformer has just been released online. The dark-colored material also reveals the release date: September 2024. We learn a lot about the events in the universe initiated by Matt Reeves after what we saw in the film. Batman.

The clip confirms that after Carmine Falcone’s death, Oswald Cobblepot assumed control of Gotham’s criminal underworld. However, as you will see below, his position is constantly under threat:

Penguin – A new advertisement for the Max series

series Penguin It will be 8 episodes. Colin Farrell will return in the lead role. Apart from him, the cast also includes: Cristin Milioti (Sofia Falcone), Renzi Velez (Victor Aguilar), Michael Kelly (Johnny Vitti), Shohri Aghdashloo (Nadia Marrone), Deirdre O’Connell (Frances Cobb), Clancy Brown (Salvatore). Marone), James Madeo (Milos Grappa), Scott Cohen (Luca Falcone), Michael Zegen (Alberto Falcone), Carmen Ejogo (Eve Carlo) and Theo Rossi (Dr. Julian Rush).

Batman’s most important enemies – It’s full of iconic villains

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