There will be a new ZUS calculator to determine the amount of the health insurance contribution

The Social Insurance Corporation will soon provide a calculator that will help entrepreneurs determine the amount of the health insurance premium. The calculator should be free and adapted to changes Polish bargain.

» Zdrow Zdrowotnej 2022: a new insurance policy and a new set of ZUS subscriptions exempt

As reported by Dzenic Gazeta Browna, The Pension Agency will soon provide a special calculator that will help you determine the basis for the contribution to health insurance and calculate the amount dueThe new calculator will be a response to the entrepreneurs’ concerns about the revolutionary changes brought by law to the so-called Polish Lada. The new tool will be ready and available for use at the beginning of January 2022.

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Changes in the determination of health insurance fees 2022

According to the regulations that are currently binding, uniform rules for determining the basis for calculating the health insurance premium apply to all persons engaged in non-agricultural activity who benefit from the start-up subsidy. From the new year, these rules will be different – depending in particular on the form of taxes imposed on a person who carries out non-agricultural activity. but that is not all. The possibility of deducting health insurance fees from the tax will also be eliminated. More on this in the article “Changes in Health Insurance Fees from 2022”.

Free hotline with live chat and virtual assistant

It is also expected to appear soon Free hotline with live chat and virtual assistant. The Ministry of Development and Technology has reported plans to launch a new hotline dedicated to changes in the Polish deal. According to the Ministry of Regional Development, “In the coming weeks, a helpline will be created, the purpose of which will be to inform the solutions contained in the actions contained in the government program“ Polish Deal ”. Unfortunately, the hotline is not yet operational at the moment.

More on this in the article The Polish Deal: Free Helpline with Live Chat and Virtual Assistant.

Polish Health Contributing Deal ZUSHOT

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