"There was supposed to be a show, there was a record of a strange psychological experiment that changes the participants"

“The ocean looks romantic in the pictures, and living means life on a piece of plastic that flies in all directions” – says writer Zygmunt Miłoszewski, a participant in the program “Via Atlantyk”, which will premiere on March 2 on TVN .

A group of celebrities, not necessarily experienced in sailing, with a camera crew taking an Atlantic cruise. How will they deal with the item? For the first time, the Finnish station TV5 Finland decided to check it out. Then the Danes, Belgians, Dutch, Swedes and Norwegians realized their copies. Finally, it’s time for the Poles. TVN invited an interesting group of famous personalities to participate: Maja Hirsch, Antek Królikowski, Natalia Przybysz, Renata Kaczoruk, Piotr “Liroy” Marc and Zygmunt Miłoszewski, whose mentor and parents were two experienced captains Roman Paszky and Adam Skomski. The trip started in Gran Canaria and ended near Guadeloupe. How do the participants deal? “Across the Atlantic” You’ll be able to find out every Wednesday, starting March 2 at 21:35 on TVN. We asked Zygmunt Miłoszewski how he found himself in the entertainment program and whether the sailing was real.

Noizz.pl: Have you had any sailing experience before?

Zygmunt Miłoszewski: I had experience, I’m sailing, I’m addicted to the sea. It was a problem at first if I could swim at all, because it’s a show about groundhogs bumping into the elements. It turns out that a person who knows the thread used for what will be on hand. Which has its pros and cons. Plus, I knew quite a bit what to expect. Negatives: I knew what to expect. The ocean looks romantic in the pictures. And living means life on a piece of plastic flying in all directions, fear, tension, wet sheets, nausea. Every simple act is a feat.

Participants in the “Transatlantic” program

Photo: TVN Discovery Group

Does the reality during the trip meet your expectations at least a little before the start of the program?

It was better and worse than I thought. Worse, for I was not prepared for the merciless thrashing of a small yacht, for the tropical heat meant—with the necessity of water—the constant filthy stickiness, of the annoying presence of the cameras in a state where there was nowhere to hide and nowhere to run. Even better – because in these terrible conditions, I had a wonderful adventure with wonderful people about whom I knew nothing before. We’ve had horrific moments, but we’ve also been beautiful and touching.

How was everyday life and the division of tasks on the yacht?

Everyone seemed to be doing everything, we had hours, which we would watch at night – normal sailing duties. Besides, everyone tried a little to find something to do so they wouldn’t go crazy. When, before our departure, together with Natalia Przybysz, we were elected stewards, that is, persons in charge of the kitchen, we treated him as a joke. But in fact, in the periphery, we found a nice space in the kitchen, that is, in the kitchen. So much so that we are now thinking of a cookbook.

You had the feeling it was still a TV and if something went wrong you wouldn’t be left alone, or was it a struggle with the element?

I had absolutely no feeling that creating a program would provide any additional security. We were a crew of twelve – six of us, the captain, our first mate, four of the TV crew. Together, in a few square metres, amidst thousands of kilometers of water, without any support. If someone fell into the sea, if something happened to someone, we would be as lonely and helpless as all the other sailors. Perhaps more, because most people have no experience. In the moments when the ocean gave itself up and gave up, I felt this horror on the back of my neck.

What surprised you the most during the trip?

Quite frankly? calm. Despite the difficult moments, despite the adventures, despite the occasional fear, the fact of cutting off excess, noise and nonsense from this whole civilization, leaving the network of private and professional everyday dependencies – all this brought an unexpected feeling of freedom and peace. There was supposed to be a show, there was a record of a strange psychological experiment that changes the participants. I wonder how it will appear in the program.

“Across the Atlantic” It advertises itself under the slogan “There are no celebrities in the middle of the Atlantic,” but it’s still a major station entertainment show. By accepting the offer, were you not afraid of celebrity accusations? Sounds perhaps unworthy of a writer, as Szczeban Towardoch reminds him of an advertisement for a car?

I have a clear conscience, I never mentioned Scheppan’s Mercedes, on the contrary – I kept saying who is supposed to advertise a car, if not a great writer? Where does this surprise come from? What actor appeared once in the series, perhaps, and the writer not? And a bit of my argument bit my ass because I didn’t want to swim. But one of the writer’s friends said, Hey, and didn’t you always say we deserved to be a celebrity and not sit anonymously out of a moldy basement? What can I do, I left the basement.

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