There is more of it than previously thought.  Where did it come from in the solar system?

while searching A NanoSIMS probe was usedcan measure Distribution of isotopes created by super giants. Compared to the data so far, it turns out that Giant planets and supernovae can account for more than 25% of stellar dust Located in the solar system.

It may be the last discovery Important for understanding the solar system. it’s because of Stardust is an essential part of the interstellar medium They became the building blocks of the sun and its planets.

Knowing that a significant portion of star dust comes from supernova explosions provides scientists with important new parameters for building computer models of dust evolution in the interstellar medium. Peter Hobe of the Max Planck Institute for Particle Chemistry commented.

During their existence, huge stars act like ovens As a result of nuclear fusion, they combine smaller elements into larger elementsWith a lot of power generation. Thus, for example, carbon and uranium are formed.

When the star runs out Supplying raw materials for stable nuclear fusion, supernova explosion occurswhich scatters previously formed heavy elements throughout the universe.

finally They reach the middle between the stars. A large proportion of non-volatile elements condenses into the so-called star dust. Some of these materials Co-create the next generation of stars and planetary systems. It was this process that led, among other things, to the formation of the solar system about 4.6 billion years ago.

Compound elements into super giants They have unusual isotopic patterns that are not common in the solar system. Scientists hope they will tell them more about it Comets and meteors far from the sunoutside its radiation range.

In their opinion, they may turn out to be a good representation of the material Led to the formation of the solar system. A careful study of meteorites and comets will allow scientists to recreate them Nuclear fusion processes in massive starsproduce heavier elements.

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