There is more money in the economy.  As much as 26 billion Polish zlotys

On Friday, the National Bank of Poland published data on the money supply in April this year. According to the Central Bank, the M3 money supply (cash plus deposits and obligations up to two years plus repurchase agreement operations and bond issues) amounted to 2 trillion 306 billion 765 million zlotys, an increase of 26 billion zlotys. than at the end of March 2024, an increase of PLN 159 billion over the previous 12 months. This means an increase of 1.1%. Monthly and by 7.4 percent on an annual basis.

The value of household current deposits increased by PLN 18.3 billion (+2.1%) in April, by 11.3%. every year. In total, these deposits are worth PLN 881 billion and are usually interest-free, suggesting that with low inflation, interest rates are less important to depositors.

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In total, in April 2024, the value of deposits and other liabilities in the household sector included in the M3 money supply – not just current liabilities – increased by 18.4 billion zlotys, i.e. 1.5%, to the level of 1 trillion 249 billion zlotys. And The value of cash in circulation increased by 7.5 billion zlotys, or 2.1%, to 374.8 billion zlotys.. However, in the sector of non-financial institutions, the value of deposits and other liabilities included in the M3 money supply decreased by PLN 4.1 billion, i.e. 0.9%, to PLN 472.0 billion – as we read in the press release issued by the National Central Bank.

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