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It’s hard to believe, but the famous game stone, scissors and paper decided the winner of the fourth stage of the 2022 Tour de Slovenia. It turned out that Rafai Majka was better than Tadej Pojakar and was the first to cross the finish line.

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Tadej Pogacar and Rafał Majka just before the finish line of stage four of Tour de Slovenia 2022

Twitter / / Tadej Pogacar and Rafał Majka just before the finish line of Stage 4 of the Tour de Slovenia 2022

The UAE Team Emirates riders are second to none at this year’s Tour de Slovenia 2022. Rafai Majka is the main quarterback for team captain, two-time Tour de France winner Tadej Pogacar, but won the second stage in the race around Slovenia.

It turns out that victory in the fourth “royal” stage, which ended with a steep climb, was determined by a game of stone, scissors and paper. In the final kilometres, Majka and Pogacar managed to escape the bosses, and because they belong to the same team, they could freely decide which of them would win the Saturday stage.

Eurosport cameras noticed that just before the finish line, the Emirates riders decided to play a popular game. Majka picked the paper, Pogacar ordered the stone, and the Slovenian asked the pole to enter the finish line first.

For Majka, this is the second victory at this year’s edition of the race. The pole also won the first stage and in the next two days he wore the green captain shirt (more over here). Only on Friday did Pogacar pop into the lead in the general classification, overtaking the … Majka in the final kilometres.

Thus, before the last stage of calm at the Tour de Slovenia, Pogacar leads the race by three seconds over the Majka. The third Domain Novak from Bahrain-Victorius is close to … two minutes behind! The duo with Team UAE is in great shape ahead of the Tour de France in July.

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