There is a problem with Iga ¦wi ± tek.  “I had the wrong feeling that I found out.” Tennis

As far as Agnieszka Radwanska I have always felt comfortable on grass courts, in the case of Iga Świątek, they are still the biggest difficulty and challenge. The 21-year-old Paul, despite being a junior Wimbledon champion since 2018, is still learning that surface as a senior and makes no secret that she doesn’t come without pain. In this year’s edition of the London event, so far in the two games so far, she had some tough moments, and even on Thursday more than two days ago. In the end, she beat the Dutch Leslie Patenama Kerkhove 6:4, 4:6, 6:3 and was able to take a deep breath of relief.

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Leslie played very well. I remember what it is like to play without expectations. I took advantage of this situation and played well Game. I wanted to carry out my plan constantly. I also felt like my competitor might hesitate at some point, because sometimes that’s exactly the case. At some point I felt the momentum – reports the world’s first rocket.

Start with a blank slate. “I don’t know if I’ll go on with that”

At the same time, she admitted that at times she was useless in the exchanges in which she played on the ground floor and sent the ball into the net. She also thinks that maybe she can use her fast hand more often than the front hand.

– Because I carried it a little and the opponent took advantage of it – he points out.

Swiatek was asked if there was a moment in this difficult match when she began to fear she might lose to a “lucky loser” who was 138th on the WTA list.

– In general, there are a lot of breaks in the game and many ideas may appear. After losing a set, I think it can only get better and start with a clean card – he points out.

Thursday’s game was held at Court No. 1, which won the Junior Court four years ago Wimbledon. She admitted now that the memories of that day came back to her, but only at first.

The bulk of the Polish Women’s Congress after the duel with Patinama Kerkhove was devoted to privacy Toys On the grass and how challenging.

Everything changes on the lawn. You have to adapt to a different way of movement. In general, I am satisfied with the way I move on the field. Especially when I can slip in and then quickly move on to the next action. I can’t slide here. I have to slow down before I hit the ball, that’s the difficulty. I think I would have played better on grass if I had more time for that, and only four weeks each year. I have a feeling this is not enough to learn it properly. But I see players who have learned that, so I haven’t lost hope yet – she added with a smile.

Swiatek, who tells us more about the chips on this deck, explains that he uses them as part of the search for another solution that could come in handy during a match. But she stresses that she does not feel confident about it.

It’s a choice between a comfortable position, which I’m used to, and the fact that my legs might move away or stop suddenly and that wouldn’t be fun. I don’t know if I’ll continue with it – he admits.

Grass chewing continues

During the conference, the Raczynska woman was asked if she thought, ironically, that a tough game like Thursday would give her more when she learns to play on grass than a smooth win.

Tough question, I don’t know. I remember that a year ago, in the third round, I probably won quite smoothly and delusional that I had already chewed grass, and it was not. Today’s match It actually reflects quite a bit how I feel on him and gives me the feeling that everything needs to be shredded and struggled for, because nothing is going to come by itself – it just keeps on holding on.

There was also an impressive streak of victories that spoiled it. After defeating the Dutch woman, she achieved 37 consecutive victories over the counter.

– Honestly, during the match, I did not even think about its predecessors and in this series, because I do not think that it gives me anything at the moment. I’m trying to figure out what to do better and how to get back in the game – he confirms.

At the same time, she admits that her winning streak has helped her build her confidence throughout the season, and in this regard she is getting better and better with each championship. But the situation in London is somewhat different.

– I would like to say that the grass is very difficult for me, and I will not lie. You’ll notice that I don’t play as efficiently on other surfaces. In general, my confidence is improving, but this tournament is a challenge and I am still trying to figure out how to show the best match here – the Polish woman confirms.

On Saturday, Alize Cornet will fight for promotion to the 1/8 Finals.

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