June 2, 2023


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There is a horror of communication in the making in Pliwijska.  As of Tuesday, the railway crossing in Kolejowa . is closed

There is a horror of communication in the making in Pliwijska. As of Tuesday, the railway crossing in Kolejowa . is closed

It is a huge complication for the population.

Work has been under way for weeks on an intersection with a collision-free lane under the railway tracks on Grunwaldska Street. The investment is scheduled to be completed in 2023. Today, however, drivers who move in this region, especially residents of Pliwijska, have to prepare for the fact that from next Tuesday, May 31, they will encounter more major difficulties. reason? The railway crossing on Kolejowa Street on the border of Plewiska and Skórzewo will be excluded from traffic. Today it is used by drivers who want to avoid difficulties on Grunwaldzka Street.

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Residents do not hide their fear. – If the access road from Plewiska to Skórzewo is closed, as well as the difficult road from Grunwaldzka to Poznań, then from June 1, Armageddon will be in Plewiska. We are very happy with this investment, but no information on access methods – Krzysztof writes.

In Kolejowa, drivers will have a new bridge over the railway road. So it will be the second collision-free lane, next to the lane under construction on Grunwaldzka Street. Official information shows that the crossing at Kolyova will be closed for 10 months. – Due to the project on the development of railway traffic control systems on the E20 railway in progress, Komorniki commune faced a choice: the complete closure of ul. Kolejowa at the beginning of the first and second quarters of 2022. Or maintain its traffic capacity in exchange for covering the change in the application of built railway traffic control systems, which amounted to about PLN 5 million. The decision was not easy, but due to the economic aspect, there was no doubt about the need to close the crossing in accordance with the requirements of PKP PLK SA – Explains the Dopiewo commune.

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The investment in Kolejowa Street is funded by PKP PLK, as well as the municipalities of Komorniki and Dopiewo, with funding from the European Union. PKP PLK states that it has been decided to implement these two important investments at the same time in order to take advantage of the restrictions imposed on the movement of trains in this region.