There are other increases at gas stations.  The price of oil has reached its peak for three years

The price of crude oil exceeded 81.5 dollars. per barrel, setting a record for three years. This is the result of the decisions of the OPEC + countries that decided to keep production at the current level.

At the time of writing this text Brent crude oil barrel It costs $81.72, but it’s already $81.48. The Financial Times reported the highest level in three years. Meanwhile, WTI crude oil is more expensive, posting highs not seen since 2014.

This increase in prices comes as a result of the decisions of the oil-producing countries, which decided at the OPEC + meeting to maintain production at the current level. At the same time, they ignored calls for increased interference in production. In this way, they will force a decrease in oil prices, and as a result, they will limit the growth rate of energy prices, which may pose a threat to the Economic growth after the pandemic.

Even before the meeting, Bjarne Schieldrop, chief analyst at Norway’s SEB, warned that failure to ramp up production would be “irrational”. – As a result, oil prices will rise even more This is in a situation where energy consumers around the world are facing record prices for coal and gas, he said.

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