“There are no strong people.”  What happened to Kressa who was seduced by fraud?

  • The 1974 comedy “Nie ma mocnych” is Sylwester Chęciński’s second film about the constantly arguing Kargula and Pawlak families. Currently, all three films of the series are cult titles in Poland
  • One of the roles was played by Elżbieta Czajkowska. It was her first movie appearance, but also her last movie role
  • For years, Elżbieta Czajkowska worked as a second director in the films “Kill me cop”, “Dług”, “Stacja”, “To us” and “Zakochani” as well as the series “Złotopolscy”, “For good and bad” and more.
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Polish viewers heard about Elżbieta Czajkowska only on the occasion of the premiere of two titles directed by Sylwester Chęciński: the series “Droga” and the comedy “Nie ma mocnych”. Then, despite his many-year film career, Czajkowska remained in the shadows, and did not give interviews or participate in meetings with film fans about Kargula and PawlakiIt was regularly attended by Siloster Chosinski, Ilona Koimerska and the late Jerzy Janicek.

Elżbieta Czajkowska – In front of the camera

Elżbieta Czajkowska has appeared in only one movie and one series. In 1974, she played Krysia in “Nie ma mocnych”.

Photo: press material

Elżbieta Czajkowska as Krysia in “Nie ma mocnych” (1974)

We see Krysia for the first time in a TV show watched by Witia and Jadźka Pawlak. The girl tells of a marriage fraud who stole her money and disappeared. It was then that Anya’s parents began to suspect that their daughter’s lover might be a fraud. Cressia eventually appears in the backyard of the homes of Kargola and Pavlac to discover the impostor. However, it turns out that Zink is not a cheater, but she is well aware of the situation with a double cheating woman.

Interestingly, Czajkowska played the same role in the series “Droga” from 1974. She appeared in the penultimate episode titled “Rysopis sedodziciel”. Chęciński and the series were tied to this thread, and the fraud was supposed to harm not only Krysia, but also another girl, this time using Marian’s guide, played by Wiesław Gołas.

Krysia’s role was for Elżbieta Czajkowska in both film and television for the first time and the last role in her acting career. Three years later, she was still working on a movie set, but on the other side of the camera.

Elżbieta Czajkowska became a TV director

Three years after the premiere of Nie ma mocnych, Elżbieta Czajkowska begins her first directorial collaboration. “Nie znekasz peace” was a movie starring Joanna Pakota, Pyotr Bergowski and Krzysztof Jankzar. Czajkowska worked with director Mieczysław Waśkowski.

Later, in the 80s, there were other productions: the dramatic production of Andrei Parasky “Let the Mara fly away”, and the psychological film Bluszcz, in which she appeared Ewa Blaschek, the melodrama “Soból i panna”, “Czas maturing”, the youth film “Green Chestnuts” or a detective story by Jacques Promsky “Kill me the policeman”.

In the 90s, Czajkowska already worked as a second director and participated in the casting of actors. Her first film as a second director was Barbara Sass’ drama “Just Fear”. To the cinematic films of the 90s, she could also add directing collaborations in the youth series “Żegnaj, Rockefeller”, “Awantura o Basi” and “Wet-headed Panna”. She was the second director among others of such TV shows as “Pokój 107” and “Złotopolscy”, “In Good and Evil”, “Trędowata” with Anita Sokołowska in the main role, the Polish series “Samo Życie” and “Kryminalni” on the television. She also wrote scripts for the series “Egzamin z życia”, which was broadcast on TVP2.

Elżbieta Czajkowska also produced the films “U Pana god za piece”, “Dług” and “Stacja”, a remake of “Satan from the 7th grade” from 2006. She also worked on the romantic comedies “To us” and “Lovers” “” and” Don’t lie, my love. ” Her latest projects were the series “Życie” from 2011 and the semi-documentary series “The Hidden Truth”, in which she worked until 2016.

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