Theory Laros eats your city again

Only once did Catherine Bogonet take charge of the popular show Many take the wild For a short chapter with singer-songwriter Theory Laros.

Marisa Groguhe

Marisa Groguhe

The 24-year-old singer started the project. The Kondolu translator wanted this return in a nostalgic past to make his dream of participating in the show come true – a favorite of his when he was young.

So Theory Laros gives himself to the interview game and presents the pieces as well. Lovers of Pompeii And In the view of an old man. The episode takes place on the corner of Trolet and Duluth streets, in St. Bernadette’s Park, in the Rockland Center, Pow Bow and Terrace Mesoram.

Hostess Catherine Bogonet explained on social media that she was initially reluctant to start. “I’m not sure,” he wrote. But he was very determined. He dreamed so much about it and I said yes. We did it. It was beautiful. A special mini episode Re-future I really liked this show. “

The 15-minute episode is available on YouTube.

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