The youngest doctor in Poland is Wojciech Nazar, he is 23 years old.  Defend your doctorate before completing your master's degree

Wojciech Nazar was born in 1999 and defended his doctoral dissertation with distinction. Analysis of changes in social consciousness regarding air pollution in Poland in 2016-2022, taking into account the time period pandemic COVID-19″. Officially, it was then in the fifth year at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Medicine in Gdańsk.

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The youngest doctor in Poland is 23 years old. He defended himself before completing his master’s degree

Dr. Wojciech Nazar himself admits that “obtaining a Doctor of Medical Sciences degree at such an early stage” gives him strength for further scientific work. – I hope that this will allow me to conduct advanced research in the future and open up new opportunities for cooperation between universities in Poland and at the international level – he adds.

Dr. Nizar already has ideas for the further path in his career. As he says, he would like to focus on “implementing diagnostic and prediction algorithms based on Last Mathematical achievements, including machine learning algorithms, also known as artificial intelligence algorithms”. – This will allow more personalized and more accurate decisions regarding, for example, the choice of treatment method. This will translate into greater effectiveness of the treatment system used and a reduction in the number of people who, despite undergoing treatment and risking adverse events, did not fully benefit from its potential health benefits, he explains.

Gdansk Medical University He confirms that a young researcher can indeed boast of significant scientific achievements. “He is a co-author of four original papers, four review papers and one report presented at a national conference” – we read. Wojciech Nazar is also a scholarship recipient of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Poland polishing and the German Academic Centre. He was awarded the GUM Rector Scholarship for the best students three times, and was also honored with the GUM Rector Individual Award for his entire scientific and social activity.

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The youngest professor in Poland

The youngest professor in Poland is Mateusz Hoyda, who received the title of professor before reaching the age of thirty. In 2017, he completed his PhD thesis while still a sixth-year medical student. At that time, this was the first case in our country when a student received the title of Doctor of Medical Sciences before completing his master’s studies. Subsequently, Hołda became the youngest holder of a qualified doctor’s degree in the history of Polish science. In July 2022, the scientist is awarded the title of Professor. Greetings to what day He works at the Collegium Medicum of Jagiellonian University and deals with engineering of the cardiovascular system.

Mateusz Hoyda - the youngest professor in PolandMateusz Hoveda is not yet 30 years old and he is already a professor

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