January 28, 2023


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The young Manchester player was happy with Ronaldo.  Then entered Aguero Football

The young Manchester player was happy with Ronaldo. Then entered Aguero Football

Cristiano Ronaldo Guaranteed Manchester United victory over Norwich City with three. The Portuguese has become the best scorer in football history when it comes to goals scored in official matches. Ronaldo has already scored 828 goals and was two ahead of German Erwin Helmchen. In addition, Ronaldo He earned a £850,000 bonus for hitting the 20-goal mark in a single season.

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We know the strength of Argentina. They can surprise the Poles in the World Cup with this

The talented Argentine cheers Cristiano Ronaldo. Sergio Aguero responds to his entry

Alejandro Garnacho has been called up to the match for the first time Manchester United in the Premier League. The winger plays for Manchester United under-18s, scoring a total of 12 goals in all competitions. The 17-year-old can watch Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance during the match against Norwich City (3:2). Garnacho . praised Portuguese On Instagram, where he shared photos with Ronaldo. “Best of all,” the Argentine wrote. “I dream of great things, people.”

Sergio Aguero He decided to respond to Alejandro Garnacho’s entry and stabbed him pin In Cristiano Ronaldo. “I still haven’t played the best game ever, which is Leo MesimThe former striker’s response F.C.B. However, Garnacho had the opportunity to train with the player Paris Saint-Germain During the training camp of the Argentine national team. And Garnacho wrote in the description of one of the pictures with Messi: “Dreams come true. Idol.”

Thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo’s bid, Manchester United remain in the game for promotion to next year Champions LeagueBecause it is in fifth place with 54 points and loses three points to occupy fourth place Tottenham. Ralph Rangnick Cheers about the 17-year-old Argentine before the game against Norwich. Alejandro has been training with us for two weeks and I know he is one of the most promising players. Rangnick said he is only 17 years old, but if he develops in this way, there is a good chance he will play here.

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