The Xbox Series X isn’t perfect, but it has some elements that stand out from the competition

And it happened! It just so happened that the new generation of consoles from Microsoft finally came to my house. permanent and owned. So, although I had the opportunity to use it in some way before, now – thanks to the kindness of Santa Claus – the situation will be much more comfortable, and I have been able to play with Xbox Series X for many hours in recent days and move from it to PS5 and back.

delusion Two devices are currently in the lead. And thanks to the comparison in our literal side-by-side comparison, I was able to compare both devices more easily. Of course, I have already written about the advantages of the Sony console many times, so today I would like to approach the topic a little from the other side. Focus on the advantages of Xbox Series X against the backdrop of its biggest competitor. And there is no shortage of those.

However, I encourage you not to treat this script with the pretense of console war or something. Both devices have a lot of advantages and also a lot of disadvantages. I can’t pick a better one, because there will always be failures and triumphs. And it is better to get out of such a duel based on your own experience and, in a sense, on other people’s discoveries. It is worth focusing on. Here are the items that rocked Microsoft!


Let me start with something so cliche that it’s not obvious. However, the truth is that the first thing that catches our eye upon receiving the equipment is its packaging. Fortunately, I received it intact either way. Either way it was so relaxing that the couriers did a great job.

However, regardless of the sentimentality that accompanies the new consoles (after all, they can blind you like a sunset in a clear sky), just unlocking both consoles was an entirely different experience for me. In theory, I should be more charmed by the PS5, because it was the gateway to a new generation for me. And in practice, it turned out that I had a lot of fun opening up the Xbox.

why? Well – contrary to appearances, the packaging matters. Anyone who has worked at Apple since Steve Jobs will tell you that. When a customer pays a large amount for anything, they want to feel appreciated by the seller. And opening XSX feels just like opening a new iPad or MacBook. As silly as it may sound, you may really feel flattered by Microsoft.

Xbox Game Pass

Nowadays, as there is no Sony without its exclusive games, there is no Microsoft without Game Pass. The service even outperformed the competition in terms of innovation and capabilities, and it’s hard to imagine that anyone with gaming gear from the American tech giant wouldn’t be provided with a very beneficial subscription.

The choice of games is really huge. And although after the PlayStation Plus revamp it is relatively similar, Game Pass still makes a slightly better impression. First of all – the quality of the titles is somewhat higher, and secondly – they appear more often in the premiere format. This also applies to the biggest hits of Microsoft’s studios, which, after all, are growing every year.

Quick resume

When it comes to this feature, it is an excellent example of a feature that you will only appreciate when you use it. To be honest, it didn’t work for me before. Or in other words – I didn’t quite understand what was so nice about the fact that you can quickly switch from one game to another, like between tabs in a browser. However, as it happens, practice is the best teacher.

And I was quickly convinced of how cool and convenient this thing was. I’m running around Mexico in Forza Horizon 5, so I can throw myself into Minecraft Dungeons at one point, when my fiancée also wants to explore some virtual worlds. Then a few seconds and I’m racing luxury cars again, and after a while Stardew Valley starts. It’s just convenience in its purest form.


You don’t need to own both consoles to understand the big advantage Xbox has over PlayStation is early compatibility. The theme returns like a boomerang and, unfortunately, despite the great pressure ahead of the premiere of both devices of the current generation in 2020, Sony has not decided to take a bold step (which is actually dictated by certain limitations that are supposed to be impassable).

Fortunately, such a high level was not an obstacle for Microsoft and immediately began to use the fact that many games can be launched simply from the Xbox Series X level. The X360 was set aside and, for example, Fight Night Champions now flashes quickly and without the need for input disk in the drive. And that’s just the beginning, because the library in this case is really great.


In the end, an item with which I have not made any kind of comparisons and juxtapositions. I did not measure the noise nor did I attempt to put it on a scale. However, I have the irresistible impression that the Xbox Series X is more muted. The fan is practically inaudible, and if it weren’t for the LED in the logo, which is also a button, I probably wouldn’t even know if the device was on or not.

The PlayStation 5, while a cosmic leap in size compared to my well-used PlayStation 4, seems to be much louder. The comfort of use is still phenomenal and nothing would spoil the fun, but after launching both devices the difference is quite noticeable. Well, actually she was right at first. I think that on the occasion of the following literature (PS5 Pro?), We will be able to slightly equalize the achievements in this regard.

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