The worst dancers in "Tacu z Gwiazdami".  Not only, Justina.  The Mole will never falter again, and Tusk has bad memories of participating in the show

The latest release of “Dancing with the Stars” is fast approaching. Starting August 30, every Monday, viewers will see dance struggles, among other a. Oliuja Binyuk and Eze Małysz. We’ll find out how the participants on the dance floor will do. However, as long as they are not presented to us, we remember the performances that … evoked mixed feelings among the audience.

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Edita Zajek recorded Olyuya Penyuk’s training on “Dancing with the Stars”. Cha Cha went first

Selwester Welk bitterly evaluated earnings on “Dancing with the Stars”. Won’t come again

“Dancing with the Stars”. Worst star shows

Viewers sighed with relief when Justina Zia bid farewell to “Dancing with the Stars.” She danced the worst, although it must also be admitted that her skills have improved quite a bit over the weeks. But it was still wrong, let’s face it. Tomasz Barański was especially sorry – unfortunately, he was not very good when it came to his partner. It was even said that the two wouldn’t get along, and Tom breathed a sigh of relief after the elimination, when he finally gave in to trying to teach. Justyna yła dance.

Mishao the plumber

W “Dancing with the starsMikhail Szbák also appeared. The musician seems to have a sense of rhythm due to his profession. Unfortunately. After one performance, Iona Pavlovic said that if she could, she would even give him negative points. In turn, Józefowicz suggested that the participant make a list. Things he should not do Never Put It There: Dancing Jeff


Norby NS “Taco with the stars“He danced horribly, despite Nina Terka’s efforts to get some skill out of him. Andrei Grabovsky even stated that he would never be a dancer. The singer was eliminated in the third episode – for three shows he received an average of 20 points.

cassia task

cassia task Years later she admitted that she did not mention her participation in “Dancing With the Stars” very well, which is perhaps the best expression of her ability to move in front of the cameras. She was happy when the program ended for her.

I danced on average, but the audience seemed to admire me and almost “carried” me to the end. However, more than the success I was happy with … the end of the program – said Tusk.

Yaroslav Crete

Yaroslav Crete He finished his adventure with “Dancing with the Stars” very quickly. In hindsight, he definitely regrets sharing it. He not only showed off his skills and heard that he “has a chance to become the worst dancer in the history of the show”, but also in an overt and not so elegant way, he broke up with his partner Beata Tadla.

Patrick CibulskiWho is Patrick Cibulsky? With Wiktoria Gąsiewska, he will direct the scenes of ‘Dancing with the Stars’

It wasn’t a very fun adventure with the show ending Crete Production receipt for a “satisfaction basket” with sausages. The weather insiders on Instagram made no secret of his indignation, as he’s been self-proclaimed vegan for years.

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