The world's first funicular runs thanks to permanent magnets

China is very actively developing the ferromagnetic rail network. In 2021, a train with a speed of 600 km / h was introduced, but since 2018 there has been talk of constructions with a speed of 1000 km / h. Now a train has been introduced that travels … 80 km / h, and at the same time it is innovative and its expansion is planned. What surprised everyone?

The South China Morning Post reported that she was in the country The world’s first magnetic suspension line was built. Thanks to engineers’ use of permanent magnets, the train can be suspended without the need for electricity.

The pilot railway is now 800 meters long. Thanks to the use of magnets rich in rare earth elements, that is, a permanent magnet train can fly 10 meters above the earth’s surface and carry 88 passengers at a speed of 80 km / h.

The rail, which contains permanent magnets, surrounds the arm of the train, causing it to be repelled on all sides. Thanks to this There is no need for energy to make the train floatUnlike traditional maglev line. Researchers at Jiangxi University of Science and Technology said the train needs only a tiny amount of power.

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Compared to traditional maglev trains with speeds of up to 600 km / h, this train presented by scientists may seem ridiculous.

Engineers are of the opinion that after modifications, the speed will increase to 120 km / h, but not the speed records here.

The suspended structure was not designed to replace high-speed trains, but to operate in noisy cities, where it could be an alternative to the metro, whose speed is limited to 80 km / h.

The permanent magnet magnetic train provides a personal and intelligent means of transportation that can complement the subway and light rail, said Long Zhiqiang, a professor at Changsha National Defense University, quoted by PLA Daily.

Creators confirm their solution It generates little electromagnetic radiation, and the construction cost is only 10 percent. subway building. Thanks to the permanent magnetic field, which prevents most shocks, the comfort of travel is much greater, and at the same time it increases the durability of the car. Everything is quieter than the metro, which is of great importance with the noise in the city.

At the same time, along with the chassis, work is underway on artificial intelligence, which will be responsible for driving the train. The Chinese do not hide that the development of technology is to make them become transport leaders.

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