The work is straightforward.  “Lex TVN will hurt the Polish economy”

– This is an attempt to nationalize a private enterprise under the guise of the Sino-Russian Arab threat, typical of authoritarian states – says Maciej Wittocki, president of the Leviathan Union. He adds that the Polish economy will suffer greatly after this decision.

And the deputies passed, on Wednesday evening, the media law, the so-called Lex TVN. According to the president of the Leviathan Confederation, Maceige Wittuki, it may have Serious economic consequences for Poland.

The economic and social consequences of the entry into force of the law called lex TVN will be very negative. The risk of losing investor confidence in Poland will increase because the company that decided overnight to invest huge capital with us will be excluded from the market. He says that this is an attempt to nationalize a private enterprise under the guise of the Sino-Russian and Arab threat, typical of authoritarian states.

“It is very likely that Before any American company invests even a dollar in Poland, they will think ten times. It is also a warning signal to other potential foreign investors from other countries that investments in our country are saddled with high risks. And this is in a situation where we need private investment, including foreign investment, a lot. Last year, the share of private investment in GDP was the lowest in nearly 30 years,” said a Loyatan press release.

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