March 31, 2023


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The wonderful winner of the World Chess Championship!  Bagpipe high standing

The wonderful winner of the World Chess Championship! Bagpipe high standing

The three medalists and fourth-placed American Fabiano Caruana scored 9.5 points in 13 rounds. Duda scored half a point less.

The great captain from Wieliczka started the last day of the tournament with a draw with Bulgarian Ivan Cheparinov and Karuana and a victory over Emirati Salem Saleh. In the last round, he played with 17-year-old Abdul Satrov. The sensational Uzbek was the only one in the Warsaw event to defeat Carlsen and take first place after 12 rounds with 9 points. Nepomniashtze, Carlsen and Caruana had the same amount, and Duda was half a point behind all four. The Poles had to win with Abdul Satrov in order to get a medal.

Playing the black doda, he had a pawn advantage at the end, but could not use it, and after 74 moves the match ended in a draw. It was similar in the duels of Carlsen with the American Hikaru Nakamura and Nepomnyashze with Karuana and in this case the leaders of the general classification did not change, joining in overtime the highest so-called parity of the Uzbek and Russian championships.

Kulesza confirms, and Boniek is victorious. “Contract with Souza well done”

Abdul Sattar tied the first match with a lightning move and in black, and in the second he won with Nepomnyastzi and the feeling became real.

“Uzbekistan put four young players and one of them was expelled here. Chess has become a very popular sport in this country, which is the result of the successes of Rustam Kasimyanov several years ago. Abdul Sattar, born in 2004, defeated Carlsen, Karuana. And Radosław Wojtaszek in Warsaw, Niepomniaszczy’s finale. Tremendous sensation, but the victory is deserved ”- commented in an interview with PAP PZSzach Head of Training Michał Bartel.

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“Fifth place for Janik Duda is a good result, although there is a slight dissatisfaction, because we were counting on a medal. On the other hand, Janik played very well and confirmed that he is among the best in the world. In the tower finish it is difficult to use such an advantage, and the contender He defended himself perfectly ”- added Bartel.

Other Polish representatives held other positions: the 50th Radoslaw Wojciech, the 53rd Pawe Czarnotta, and the 58th Kasper Bjoron – 7.5 points each.

The Russian Women’s Championship was won by Alexandra Kostenyuk, the 2008-10 World Chess Classic Champion, scoring 9 points in 11 rounds. The silver medal was won by the representative of Kazakhstan Bibisara Asobayeva – 8.5 points, and another Russian bronze medalist was Valentina Junina – 8 points. The best Polish women, Oliwa Kiyopasa, finished 29th – 6.5 points, and Monica Suchchko, ranked 32 in the 102-player group, also had the same achievements.

The Blind World Chess Championship (21 rounds) takes place on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The total prize money of the Warsaw Championship, which was held at PGE Narodowy, is 1 million dollars – 700 thousand at the open tournament and 300 thousand. In the women’s competition.

Initially, Nur-Sultan was scheduled to host the event in Kazakhstan, but the organizers there at the last minute quit.

The biggest star of the competition at PGE Narodowy Stadium is eight-times world champion Magnus Carlsen, who recently extended his reign in classic chess in Dubai for the fourth time after a confirmed victory with Nepomnyashze. In Warsaw, the Norwegian began defending titles in the other two varieties.

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In turn, on December 17 in Katowice, Duda won the European Championship in speed chess. In 2018, in this version, he won the world runner-up title, the second after Carlsen, and two years ago in the Moscow World Cup he was the seventh in quick chess and the tenth in blitz.