The Witcher 3 is back in amazing style. During the LOA ON Summer Conference, an extraordinary collaboration was announced. The creators of Lost Ark have revealed something Polish gamers will surely love.

The Lost Ark is a Korean hit

Many developers dream of such results. missing coffinEarlier this year, it was finally made available to the European and American markets. The great interest in the title meant that many players had to struggle with it Giant queues. Everything refers to the popular MMORPG It can surprise players again.

The Witcher 3 in Lost Ark

conspiracy LOA in summer Run under the banner, how, missing coffin. More than two hours of material during which it was announced New character class. Main Feature airline It would be possible to manipulate the weather. A moment was also devoted to announcing cooperation The Witcher 3 x Lost Ark. The material is long, so it is enough Fast forward until 2:29:40.

no details

Unfortunately, it has not been revealed how this cooperation will continue. Whether it’s cosmetic issues or maybe something else. remains a mystery. Let’s hope the results of this collaboration will be published soon. Even if the content went to missing coffinIt will reach European servers Soonfrom korean.

Sebastian Barris, polygamist journalist

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