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A serious accident occurred at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport in Texas on Tuesday. During the storm, strong winds moved a passenger plane parked on the airport runway. One of the wings almost hit the passenger’s exposed sleeve. This can be seen in the recording.

For several days, large parts of the United States have been subjected to violent storms accompanied by strong winds and heavy rain. Footage recorded on Tuesday and published by Reuters news agency on Thursday shows strong gusts of wind suddenly moving a parked passenger plane across the runway at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. The machine was then connected to the station via the airport bridge. The plane’s doors were open and one of its wings almost hit the sleeve.

Strong winds blowing

American Airlines, which owns the plane, stated that many of its planes at this airport suffered due to difficult weather conditions. “Our maintenance team is conducting thorough inspections and will make any necessary repairs,” she added. According to the statement, no one was injured.

In Dallas-Forth Worth and the surrounding area, winds reached 153 kilometers per hour, heavy rain and hail fell.

Main image source: Reuters

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