The White House offers Nicki Minaj to talk to the doctor

U.S. media reported that the White House offered to arrange a telephone exchange between one of its doctors and Nicki Minaj after the rapper claimed that the Govt vaccine had made a loved one helpless.

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Nicki Minaj said she invited herself to the White House on Wednesday and said she accepted the invitation. But a White House official explained to several American media outlets that he was actually given a telephone exchange for educational purposes.

“As we did with the others, we made a phone call to Nicki Minaj with one of our doctors to answer her questions about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine,” the official said.

The rapper sparked a media storm on Monday, avoiding going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MED) gala because he was forced to be vaccinated to participate because he had “done enough research”.

She told her 22.6 million Twitter followers that after her cousin in Trinidad was vaccinated, her friend became impotent and her sperm was swollen.

These demands were rejected by British and US health officials and Health Minister Terence Dealsing of Trinidad and Tobago, who said during a press conference that “all time has been wasted to verify these false reports”.

According to experts interviewed by AFP’s fact-testing service, there is no evidence for the effectiveness of anti-govt vaccines in fertility or male genitals.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday denounced the ‘myths’ surrounding the UK’s chief medical officer Chris Witty’s Govt-19 vaccine, instead of explaining his anti – Govt plans to the press as planned, except to talk about Nicki Minaj’s claims on Tuesday.

UK Health Minister Sajid Javed on Wednesday morning called for attention to what celebrities are saying.

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