The West needs to remove the rose-colored glasses

Yesterday, he painted a psychological portrait of Vladimir Putin, My colleague Loïc Tassé wrote an important sentence.

“Putin has a pessimistic view of human nature. ⁇

Everything is here.

A scout attitude

When the West thinks singing is enough கும்பையாPutin did not tell stories, quoting the French philosopher Chandel Telso, who said that opening toilets for transgender people, signing left and right trade agreements and phasing out borders would “open an era of peace and turn enemies into neighbors”.

He knows that only three things are important in international politics.

Power relations, power relations and power relations.

The world is not a rose garden full of unicorns and little rabbits, but a ruthless forest where the weak swallow the weak.

In the wonderful world of geopolitics the only way to get what you want and get respect is to be hard.

Mercy and good intentions will not take you anywhere.

As Michael Douglas said Wall Street “Do you want a friend? Buy a dog!

Or Alec Baldwin Glengary Glenn Rose “Are you a good father? We do not care! Go home and play with your children!”

Dressed in different colored socks, disguised as a fakir, weeping at every press conference and boasting of being “the first country in the world after the country” you will earn the respect of Libya, Iran, Russia, Syria, Yemen. , Venezuela, China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and North Korea, to name a few.

Do not come to the negotiating table asking that.

You are demanding.

  • Listen to Richard Martineau’s interview with Sarah Germain, a graduate student at Russia – based UQAM on QUB Radio:

“Disarmament of the unarmed”

I quoted Chandel Telso above.

On Monday, this French philosopher signed an essential speech Le FigaroIn it he tells Westerners to take off their rose-colored glasses, to see the world as it is, not as we would like it to be.

“We are absolutely not ready for future conflicts, materially or psychologically, because we firmly believe that nothing will happen anymore.

“The unarmed innocence with which we are armed is an absurd belief in the goodwill of the whole world.

As the saying goes: Do you want peace? Get ready for war.

In the West, however, our armies are underfunded, and we admire sweater-wearing artists who claim that all police officers are pastors.

“Despite all the hatred that his military invasion legally inspires in us, Putin teaches us a lesson by doing so: that human existence is not an evangelical fantasy,” Chandel Telsol writes at the end of his speech.

This is difficult.

But that is the reality.

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