The well-known journalist could not stand it.  Strong words were said about Touchstone.  "Foreign Football Players Trading Token"

Roman Kotoch evaluated Michal Properes’ approach to young Poles during his tenure in Krakow. – It was a symbol of trade in foreign footballers – Said a journalist from “Prawda Futbolu” on “Dwa Seasons” on Meczyki Channel (YouTube).

In July this year. PZPN has announced that Michal Brokaj is the new coach of the Polish national team until the age of 21. He replaced 49-year-old coach Maciej Stolarczyk in the role.

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There has been no shortage of lively discussions in social media regarding this nomination. During the administration of Krakow, many fans and journalists accused Procage of not giving the young “belts” players a chance to play. Roman Cotoy also commented on this topic in the last episode of “Two Armchairs”.

Mishao handled it, he is a smart guy with a huge background. President Kulesza told me: “Roman, but Michai has got to work! 160 players are following.” I replied, “Mr. President, very well, I am happy. The President wants to go to the tournament, I want to go to the tournament, Michai, because he is ambitious, and he also wants to go to the tournament.” Let him catch this young man and let him go, let God really watch him and let his mind allow him to do all this – he said.

But I thought he didn’t deserve a youth team because of the way he worked with Krakow and the way he dealt with young footballers. The state of Polish football is something we discuss, discuss and reflect on. I think there is a lot of trade in foreign football players. For me, Michał Prukaj was a symbol of trade between foreign footballers at the expense of the Poles – Values.

A Pravda Football journalist recalls his story with a 49-year-old coach.

A recipe for young people who is a laughingstock today and will be canceled after this season. But were it not for this rule, the same Michał Prociąg, coach of the youth team today, used 14 players in a match and replaced the youngster with a young player, all the other foreign players. I wrote then: “Pathology” – He said.

– Michao Pronica spoke at the press conference and said I should prepare training papers and lead myself. This is not the point. Finally, the journalist has the right to indicate the pot in which the flower will grow and has the right to indicate the ratio of Poles to foreigners. It affects me a lot. advertiser.

How much has changed since the creation of the recipe for youth?

I explained it to both Zippy and President Colisa. Before the youth organization, in the Polish league there were almost 40% of foreigners in the squad, 50% of the playing time, the number of first entries from 100, was 76%. We can be a league that produces football, has some ambition, and is managed more wisely. I’m not angry, I’m in the EU, but let’s not get angry. In volleyball, there can be four aliens in a team of 14. Now Kulesza is also thinking that maybe there should be eight poles in the 20-man protocols for next season. – Kołtoń summary.

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