February 4, 2023


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The Webb Telescope depicted this phenomenon.  Einstein will be happy

The Webb Telescope depicted this phenomenon. Einstein will be happy

picture “Einstein ring” Created thanks to Mary, that is, one of the four instruments for observing the far outer space that the telescope is equipped with. In the picture we see a galaxy far from Earth 12 billion light yearsh, which has been abbreviated SPT-S J041839-4751.8.

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity assumes that A strong mass that affects spacetime and is able to bend a beam of light. As early as 1912, a brilliant physicist predicted that the image of distant objects in space could be distorted by massive galactic masses. However, the effect was not thought to be called today”gravity lens“Whenever we can get noticed — let alone take a picture.

In the case of this enormous image with the Webb telescope on a straight line defined by the galaxy SPT-S J041839-4751.8 There was another huge galaxy, the mass of which bent the light and gave rise to such an amazing ring. In honor of the creator of the general theory of relativity, it was named exactly Einstein ring.

The Webb Telescope image of the ring around the galaxy SPT-S J041839-4751.8 is the best picture of a phenomenon called “Einstein ring“Ever in history. Ring has been cited as the first astronomy student to disguise himself under a pseudonym Spaceguy44, Who saw the pictures taken by the latest NASA telescope. The first complete picture ever.Einstein ringThe Hubble Space Telescope was made in 1998.

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