The war in Ukraine.  Zelensky: The situation on the Donbass front is difficult and painful

“Pakhmut, Krymina and other regions of Donbass now require maximum strength and concentration,” the Ukrainian leader said. – Thanks to all of our boysHe added that those who clung to their land and still find opportunities not only to survive, but to kill the occupiers.

Zelensky also referred to a recent visit to the United States, saying that The Ukrainian side intends to implement all arrangements as soon as possible. – Today I had an extensive meeting about the effects of the visit to the United States and the implementation of the agreements. We won’t waste any time. We will implement everything that was agreed upon in Washington as quickly as possible. Said the President of Ukraine – as soon as possible.

– I want to thank all the workers of the energy companies, all the repair brigades for the fact that on Saturday and Sunday – on Christmas Eve and Christmas – we were able to provide people with more electricity, – he said. However, he added that as of Monday evening, about 9 million people in Ukraine were without electricity.

Today, I held a special meeting with officials about the situation in the energy and infrastructure sectors. We are preparing for next year – and not just for the winter months. There are threats that need to be addressed. There are steps to be taken. And the state will certainly do it Zelensky said. The speech was posted on the Ukrainian president’s Telegram profile.


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