March 24, 2023


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The war in Ukraine.  Ukrainians have launched a website for mothers of Russian soldiers

The war in Ukraine. Ukrainians have launched a website for mothers of Russian soldiers

The film was published on The Dead Distroct and is intended to show a real ambush against a column of Russian troops.

The film shows Ukrainians watching the column enter the road with cameras. The film shows that earlier, a few kilometers away, they prepared self-propelled guns and put them for firing in this place. When the column enters the firing zone, the command is given and the guns begin to “work”. The authors of the film do not tell about the losses suffered by the Russians, but in the film you can hear the joy of Ukrainian soldiers from the beatings.

Is this recording real? Due to the ongoing hostilities in Ukraine, it is difficult to ascertain the accuracy of this video. But in this case, objections were raised by the editor and the fact that the film shows the faces of the military.

Explosives experts also bragged about their movie

Also, Ukrainian sappers showed a film about their work today. They posted a video of a roadside bomb being detonated online, which they detonated when a Russian column swept through. This video is like a real fight rehearsal.

Russian pilot captured

Russian planes are also being shot down more and more. Pilots often eject themselves. One of them was detained today in any location after a Ukrainian missile hit his vehicle. It published the moment the pilot was captured by the Ukrainians who got to him first.

The Russian gives the Ukrainians his military data. But the wind drowns his words. You only hear questions about your name, surname and military mission.

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