The war in Ukraine.  The Russians are running out of officers

“Unknown US defense official On Monday, it was estimated that W. Russian forces are running out of high-ranking commandersTherefore, the armed forces must increasingly rely on reservists to compensate for losses in the officer corps.”

also British Ministry of Defense He expected that the Russians would have to rely more and more on reservists. However, according to ISW, the use of reserves will not enable the Russian forces to significantly rebuild their combat capabilities.

The invading forces carried out on Monday Rocket attack on Kremenchug shopping center In the central part of Ukraine, which, according to Transparency International, is in line with the recent escalation of Russian attacks on civilian infrastructure and Ukrainian cities.

while In the Donbass, the forces of the aggressor made advances southwest of LysekhanskBut he failed to completely cut off the transportation lines from that city to Bakhmut. On the other hand, the Ukrainians repelled the Russian attack north of Slavyansk.

The invasion forces also launched several attacks on the front lines near Kharkiv on Monday but made no progress. In the south of the country, the Ukrainian counterattack forced the enemy to focus on defensive activities.

In the occupied territories, the occupying authorities are taking steps to do so Imposing economic control and forcing Ukrainian civilians to use the Russian ruble – stated in the report of the American Center.

Institute of War Studies It is an independent think tank founded in 2007 in Washington. It deals with analyzes in the field of foreign and security policy, including military issues.

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