The war in Ukraine.  situation in front.  Skrzypczak . general analysis [1 czerwca]

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is underway. The situation at the front was analyzed on TVN24 by the former commander of the Ground Forces, General Waldemar Skrzybchak. He estimated that the further course of the war would be affected by two main events. – And these are not the events taking place in the Donbass arc, but mainly what is happening in the southern direction – he emphasized.

Russian forces continue offensive operations in Donbass. Battles focus mainly around it Swiewierodoniecka. And the Russian army stormed, last day, the northern, southern and eastern neighborhoods of the city, and strengthened its center.

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Retired Lieutenant General Waldemar Skrzychak, former commander of the Ground Forces, analyzed the situation at the front in Ukraine on TVN24 on Wednesday.

The fight for Severodonetsk

– The Russians want to seize Severodonetsk at any cost, which is to complete their intention to occupy the entire Luhansk region. At the same time, the Ukrainians defend very accurately and effectively, exhausting the Russian forces, and inflicting unbelievable losses on them. General Skrzybchak said that the Russians replace military units all the time.

The battle for Severodonetsk is underway.  Ukraine demands heavy weapons and missile systems

The battle for Severodonetsk is underwayTVN . “Facts”

On Tuesday, local authorities said most of Severodonetsk is now in the hands of Russia. General Skrzypczak noted that the Ukrainians were slowly retreating, and withdrew their forces from the city. – This is not a breakthrough in the offensive and the Russian operation. In this area, it is the defender who has the initiative to act. It is clear that the Ukrainians are also withdrawing some of their forces into the reserves, and at the same time they are introducing new forces that are equally effective in defense. He explained that artillery units are currently arriving.

He noted that “there is a river beyond Severodonetsk, which is likely to be included in the history of the Russian army as an insurmountable river.” He assessed that “the Russians will certainly not cross this river.”

General Skrzypczak on TVN24 analyzed the situation at the foreTVN24

On Tuesday, Ukrinform Agency said that Russian President Vladimir Putin had set dates for the occupation of Donbass. He had to put the Russian command to go to the administrative border of Luhansk Oblast by June 1, and by July 1 – to the border of Donetsk Oblast in the Donbass. – In my opinion, Severodonetsk (the Russians – ed.) certainly will not win or close control of the Luhansk region today. As for Donetsk Oblast, in my opinion, the Russians could not capture it within 30 days, General Skrzypczak assessed.

General about events that might change the course of the war

According to General Skrzypczak, “two events will affect the fate of the war.”

– And these are not the events taking place in the Donbass arc, but mainly what is happening in the southern direction. He said that if the Ukrainians succeeded in encircling some of the Russian forces, this would be the first event that would determine the future course of the war.

Ukrainian soldiers in Donbass Daniel Singh Shu Yi / Zuma Press / Forum

He added that the second thing that may worry the Ukrainians is the Russian reserve, which is being rebuilt from scratch. These armies, in my opinion, may be ready for use in a month and a half, and this is the essential element that may decide the course of the war. The general said that these forces, in my opinion, exist to strengthen the defense of the Russian army in the areas occupied by the Russian army in the first stage of the war.

– I will not underestimate them, because they are an important force that can change the face of war, especially in this region where the Ukrainians will certainly want to launch a counter-attack and liberate their lands – he added.

The situation at the front in Ukraine. Skrzypczak year analysis (June)TVN24

Main image source: TVN24

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