The war in Ukraine.  Sergei Sorovikin: I do not rule out the most difficult decisions

Commander of the Russian invasion of Ukraine He said that the most tense situation is currently in the regions of Kobyansk, Mikowago and Krusei Rog. He also talked about the fact that Ukraine may decide that Use of “prohibited methods of warfare” In the Kherson region.

The Russian general told “Russia 24” that these measures could lead to heavy losses and destruction of the city’s infrastructure. This is his first extensive interview since taking the helm.

Sergey Surovkin He stressed that the army will ensure the safe departure of the population within the framework prepared by the authorities resettlement programme.

We will emerge from the need to provide maximum protection for the lives of the civilian population and our soldiers. This is a priority for us. We will act consciously and in a timely manner. I don’t rule out making the toughest decisions – added the commander of the Russian forces.

Sergey Sorovikin has been called “Butcher of Syria”, “Cannibal” or “General Armageddon”. In 2017 and 2019, he took command of the Russian forces in Syria.

Rights groups accuse the 56-year-old general of being responsible for the… War crimes in Syria and intimidation of the civilian population. According to Human Rights Watch, he approved the attack on hospitals in the Syrian province of Idlib. He knew there were many children.

Surovikin had to agree Also chemical weapons attacks on Syrian civilians and Bombing the city of AleppoWhich was completely destroyed in 2016. President Vladimir Putin gave it a prize for the military operation in Syria in 2017. Medal of the Hero of the Russian Federation.

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