The war in Ukraine.  Russians claim to have killed 50 senior officers of the Ukrainian army |  world News

Russian army The attack with Kalibr missiles was reported on the command posts of the Ukrainian army in the Dnipropetrovsk region. According to Russian General Igor Konashenkov, more than 50 generals and officers died as a result of the attack. Armed forces Ukraine, including members of the General Staff.

The Russian army also reported that “Kaliber” missiles hit a factory in Mikolajo that contained howitzers and armored vehicles. Long-range “Caliber” missiles have destroyed ten M777 155mm howitzers and up to 20 armored fighting vehicles supplied by the West in the past 10 days, Russia’s Konashenkov news agency reported. Interfax.

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The Russian Ministry of Defense also announced that, on the last day, a missile attack was carried out on centers of the Ukrainian army in the Dnipropetrovsk region. More than a hundred Ukrainian soldiers died as a result of the bombing.

About the correspondent of the Russian Ministry of Defense A.As reported by the independent portal Meduza. According to the website, the head of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast Military Administration Valentin Reznezhenko reported on June 18 on the afternoon of the bombing. crooked angle. As we read in the entry in Rezniczenka’s Telegram, Which appeared at 1:15 pm, two people were injured as a result.

The war in Ukraine. Ukraine’s General Staff: The Russians lost about 33,600 soldiers dead

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced in the latest announcement that as of February 24, the Russian army has lost approximately 33,600 soldiers. 250 people were killed on Saturday alone.

The Ukrainians also had to destroy: 1468 tanks and 3577 armored fighting vehicles, 745 guns, 235 rocket launchers, 98 anti-aircraft defense systems, 216 Planes181 helicopters, 2,523 trucks and cars, 598 unmanned aerial vehicles, 14 naval units, 130 ballistic missiles, as well as 55 non-combat equipment teams.

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There are battles in the Luhansk region. The Ukrainian army arrested the enemy

The General Staff of Ukraine has published data on the war over the past 24 hours. It was reported that the Ukrainian army forced the enemy to retreat near Toshkivka in the Luhansk region. They also repelled the attack in the directions of Orekhovo-Zolotoyeya in the Luhansk region. We also managed to stop the opponent in the direction of Wrubowka-Mikołajowka, near Kramatorsk.

In the western part of Ukraine, possible offensive air and missile activities that could be directed by the Belarusian side are monitored. In the vicinity of Bashmut in the Donetsk region, the aggressor conducts aerial reconnaissance. On the Russian side the border Completes engineering troops and troops. In the direction of Kharkiv, the Russians are focused on maintaining their positions and bombing the positions of the Ukrainian forces.

Near Severodonetsk, where fierce battles have been going on for several weeks, the Russians tried to reconnaissance with combat, as well as to remove mines in the area around Rubin. They also carried out raids on neighboring villages, as well as reconnaissance operations using drones.

The aggressor was shooting at Ukrainian positions near Slavyansk in the Donetsk region.

In the southern part of the front, the Russian army will be limited to launching missiles and reconnaissance drones. Does not perform active offensive actions.

The statement of the Ukrainian General Staff stated that “the Russian occupiers, in order to justify the destruction of civilian facilities on the territory of Ukraine, constantly spread misleading information about the deployment of military units in schools, hospitals and churches.”

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