The war in Ukraine.  Publication of the Penal Code in the Journal of Laws.  Goes, among other things to coal from Russia

The law on special solutions in the field of countering supportive aggression against Ukraine and the service of protecting national security assumes Freezing the property of persons and entities, to be included in a special list maintained by the Minister of Home Affairs and Administration.

This list will be published in a general information bulletin on the website Ministry of Interior and Administration. Only a person or entity not included in the lists specified in EU Regulations 765/2006 and 269/2014 may be entered into it.

The decision to enter or delete from the list will be issued by the President Ministry of Interior and Administration. This may be done ex officio or at the justified request of the Secret Services and some institutions, including at the request of the heads of the CBA, ABW, AW, SKW, SWW, KGP, SG, and KAS as well as at the request of the National Prosecutor, the Inspector General for Financial Information , the Financial Supervisory Authority of the Commission, the Chairman of the Polish National Bank and the Chairman of the Cabinet Committee responsible for State Security and Defense.

In addition to freezing funds, the law also provides for this Listed persons and entities will be excluded from public procurement procedures. They can also be included in the list of aliens whose stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland is undesirable. There will be penalties of up to 20 million PLN in case of non-compliance with the regulations.

The Penal Code also prohibits the use, use or promotion of symbols or names that support the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. Violation of the ban may be punishable by a fine, restriction of liberty, or imprisonment for up to two years.

The regulation shall enter into force on the day following its announcement.


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