The war in Ukraine.  Joe Biden: It’s on the verge of breaking down

President Joe Biden said during a cabinet meeting that the war in Ukraine, sparked by Russian aggression against the country, had reached a critical point, and emphasized that “the United States and its allies will continue to increase support for Ukraine.” He added that the batteries of the Patriot anti-aircraft system are working well and the Russians are beginning to understand that.

As he said Joe Biden During his cabinet meeting, “We will help Ukraine Defense against air attacks. “The Patriot batteries are doing well and the Russians are starting to understand that,” the US president added.

Day 317 of the armed invasion Russia to Ukraine. Report >>>

Joint statement by Biden and Schultz

United State Will deliver Bradley infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine, and Germany Marder cars the two governments announced in a joint statement after a meeting between President Joe Biden and Chancellor Olaf Schultz on Thursday. In addition, Berlin will hand over another battery of the Patriot air defense system to Ukraine. In December, the United States announced the transfer of such a battery.

US President Joe Biden during a cabinet meeting PAP/EPA/Sarah Silbiger/POOL

Ukraine has long sought extradition of both the Bradleys and Marders. In March last year she made an offer to buy old Marders from Germany, repeating her offers many times later.

According to Reuters, the decision to increase arms supplies to Ukraine is calculated to provide as much equipment as possible before the expected escalation of fighting in the spring.

The total value of military equipment that Washington has pledged to donate since the Russian invasion in February has reached $21.2 billion so far. US aid included: More than two thousand different types of vehicles.

Main image source: PAP/EPA/Sarah Silbiger/POOL

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