The war in Ukraine.  Gazprom cuts gas supplies to companies from Denmark and Germany

Gazprom It announced that it would suspend gas supplies until May 31 due to non-receipt of the requested payment. Officially, it will take place on Wednesday, June 1. Reuters reported that the contract with Shell provided for gas supplies to 1.2 billion cubic metres.

In the issued press release, Ørsted emphasized that The reason for the suspension of the contract by Gazprom was the refusal of the Danish side to pay in rubles. “In our opinion, it was Gazprom that failed to comply with the contract, and we are obligated to pay in euros,” said Mads Nipper, head of the concern.

According to Neeper, the company “It was preparing for a possible suspension of gas supplies by Gazprom“This year, the warehouses of this raw material will be filled by 80 percent, and next year by 90 percent.

As confirmed by the Danish media, cutting off Russian gas will primarily mean Increase in the prices of this raw material. People who heat their homes with gas boilers will suffer first.

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In the longer term, Denmark also plans to increase its gas production in the North Sea, as well as produce energy from renewable sources, particularly from offshore wind farms.

On Tuesday, Gazprom also announced that it had completely cut gas supplies to the Dutch company GasTerra. The company – like those in Denmark and Germany – He refused to pay for gas in rubles.

Filling Dutch warehouses with gas for next winter will be more difficult now – Climate and Energy Minister Rob Getten commented. At the same time, he stressed that “the decision of the Russian company Does not affect the physical delivery of raw materials to Dutch familiesBecause GasTerra has already purchased additional gas.”

Jetten’s concerns were not shared by energy expert Lucia van Geuns, who told the NOS portal that the 2 billion cubic meters of gas contracted by Gazprom’s GasTerra isn’t much in total and would easily be offset from other sources.

In her view, introducing uncertainty is an old tactic for Russia. – Previously, I did it in Bulgaria, Poland, Finland and now in the Netherlands – says Van John.

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