January 28, 2023


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The war in Ukraine.  Dmitry Peskov's wife celebrates in Greece.  Showed the video

The war in Ukraine. Dmitry Peskov’s wife celebrates in Greece. Showed the video

Instagram users may be surprised by the scene posted on the profile Tatiana Nokiformer Maxima model and figure skater. 47-year-old wife of Dmitry Peskov It was recorded during a feast in a Greek tavern, While the zorba dances and breaks the plates. This is an ancient Greek tradition that is supposed to bring good luck.

But commenting on the recording noted that after the holiday in Turkey, Sanctioned since March of this year, with her daughter, Nawka has now traveled to a member state of the European Union and a member of NATO. Greek journalists are asking the government to explain this.

In accordance with the restrictions on the families of senior Putin officials adopted by the countries of the group, it should not enter the European Union at all. They also criticized rude attitude A 47-year-old woman despite the war in Ukraine He plays in a Greek resort And proud of it on the Internet.

Cracking dishes is part of Greece’s nightlife. For me, it’s a kind of temptation (attraction). What’s your opinion? “- wrote Tatiana Naoka in the course of the recording. It is interesting that some Russian-speaking observers had a negative opinion about the dance of Peskov’s wife.

Someone considered that the wife of the highest official of the fighting country should behave modestly. She also raised questions about the presence of her husband and the identity of the author of the recording. “Why are you not in Crimea?” – asks the Russian commentator. There were also inquiries about the entry into the territory of the Kremlin preacher’s wife, which supports Ukraine in the fight against invaders.

In one of the recent photos posted on Nawka’s profile, you can see her standing on the base of a Greek column, disguised as a mythical goddess. “Athena? Artemis? Aphrodite? Who do you think the photo suits me best? Share your thoughts in the comments. What picture do you like the most? The caption reads. The 47-year-old joined the tags: ‘statue’, ‘culture’, ‘humour’, ‘art’ and ‘beauty’.

The spokesman for the President of Russia is known for his negative attitude towards Poland and the Poles. And in his speeches, he repeatedly called for the killing of Ukrainians, a Warsaw factor as a “risk”.

His stance on the sanctions imposed by the West can be described as disrespectful. – We have a saying in Russia: Anything that doesn’t kill us makes us stronger – He told Iranian reporters in July.

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