The war in Ukraine.  December 4, the 284th day of the invasion [NA YWO]

The Guardian reported that a draft resolution on a court for Russia is being circulated at the United Nations.

The British Guardian newspaper reported that prominent figures in the administration of US President Joe Biden have begun to support the idea of ​​establishing a special court to investigate war crimes committed after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the role of the Russian leadership in this war. .

The newspaper indicated that the United States was initially skeptical about such an idea, but the great efforts made by Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky, who is actively pressing for the establishment of the tribunal, prompted several key players in Biden’s entourage to reconsider their position.

“This is something the president of Ukraine is very concerned about. This is what the people of his country want, and I think it will make a difference,” US Ambassador for Global Criminal Justice Beth Van Schaack said this week.

Earlier, she stressed that the International Criminal Court has jurisdiction over Russian President Vladimir Putin, and that the International Criminal Court itself has opened an investigation into war crimes committed on the territory of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian leadership believes that the ICC will only be able to prosecute certain war criminals, not the Russian leadership, and is pushing for the creation of a separate court.

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