The war in Ukraine.  Azov Regiment: Mariupol has hundreds of corpses in the streets

“What are they today? Mariupol And the inhabitants of Mariupol? It is a city devastated, bombed, burned and completely usurped by the Russian occupiers. That’s hundreds of dead bodies in the streets. It is the burial of family members in the backyards, in kindergartens, the incessant bombing of residential areas by Russian killers ”- he writes Azov On Twitter he posts a recording from the besieged city that shows, among other things, an explosion and dead bodies in the streets.

“However, the city does not surrender and remains Ukrainian as long as it is defended by brave defenders, until the last shot,” – he added.

The Azov regiment emphasized that “the city must be Ukrainian in order to hope for a happy future, and not become a dead city in an unrecognized “republic”.

Wednesday is the 56th day of the Russian war against Ukraine.

A little earlier, Major Serhiy Volin, commander of the 36th Marine Independent Brigade, which also defends Mariupol, posted the video. “Maybe this will be our last call to the world, because we have a few days to live, if not hours. The enemy forces outnumber us by ten times – they have an advantage in the air and on the ground, they have more soldiers, tanks and artillery groups. In Mariupol only in the Azowstal factories ” – Volyn reported on Facebook, also using the name Wołynski

The commander asked the international community to provide humanitarian aid as soon as possible. “We beg all world leaders – to organize a mission to safely expel military and civilians and transfer them to the territory of a third country.” In the text attached to the recording, Volyn addressed the presidents of Ukraine, the United States and Turkey, as well as the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

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