January 28, 2023


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"The Voice Senior".  A couple with 48 years of experience and a farmer at their recent blind hearings

“The Voice Senior”. A couple with 48 years of experience and a farmer at their recent blind hearings

In training chairs for the third edition “The Voice Senior” they are sitting Alicia Majuska I Witold Paszt, And Peter KogovskyWho had the opportunity to prove himself as a coach in “Voice of Poland”In 2019, his appearance in the program is from the “The Voice” family. Marella Rudovic. During the last blind tests in this series, there was no shortage of feelings. One of the participants was 71-year-old Ryszard Wagner, who Convince coaches in just seconds. It also turns out that years ago the participant had a lot in common with Alicja Majewska. “I’m a modern musician’s farmer because I don’t have my own farming equipment. I put everything in musical equipment. Music complements me, ”- said the participant in “The Voice Senior”.

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After graduation, he got Kabir, among other things for the Hajduczki music troupe. During the show on “The Voice Senior” it became clear Mr. Ryszard also sang in another band close to Alicja Majewska’s heart. “Sorry, but you’ve never sung in a partita before?” – asked Alicja Majewska, who began her musical career with performances in the aforementioned band.

“Yes, I did. It was a surrogate. I had some concerts” – admitted Richard Wagner. “I sang the partita before and I sang afterwards. Have you always had such a beautiful voice? I think it’s a development ”- asked Alicia Maguska, amazed. The other coaches were also delighted with the talent of a musician.

Who chose Richard Wagner as his coach? How did the other participants go? Find out the latest semi-finalists from the third edition of “The Voice Senior” in the gallery below.

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“The Voice Senior”. The latest tests for the blind