January 28, 2023


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The Vatican Observatory challenges Prince Dickey's theory

The Vatican Observatory challenges Prince Dickey’s theory

Jesuit father. Gabriel Giunte and Sr. Matteo Galvernin questioned the existing mathematical calculations, thus opening the way for new research that might lead to entirely new conclusions, different from those previously popular. Namely, they questioned the validity of the mathematical theory of gravitation called Prince Dickey’s gravitational theory and proposed an entirely new model of computation. The results of their research were published in the prestigious scientific journal “Physical Rewiev D”.

The Vatican Astronomical Observatory was established in 1891 by Pope Leo XIII, is based in Castel Gandolfo, and is an element of the Church’s dialogue with the world, in this case in the field of science. It shows that the Church does not oppose her achievements, but, on the contrary, is an ally of scientific knowledge.

Currently, the observatory operates mainly in Tucson, Arizona (USA), where a high-tech telescope has been installed to take full advantage of the starry sky. In addition to science activities, the facility organizes astronomy schools for students from around the world, publishes research findings on a recently updated website and prepares a science podcast.

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