March 27, 2023


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The US government is building underground tunnels under several cities

The US government is building underground tunnels under several cities

Elon Musk It has already succeeded in building an experimental tunnel under Los Angeles, and a similar tunnel has been commissioned under Las Vegas recently. Currently Boring Complany He wants to build a network of tunnels under Miami.

The Danger City authorities are very pleased with them Innovative underground transportation system. The Loop has partially solved the problem of traffic jams and allows efficient movement between popular sites in the city, for example during fairs or organized fairs.

Now a similar one will be built in Miami. Elon Musk submitted the plan to the city authorities. And although this is only a preliminary project, we can already be sure that a 10 km network of underground tunnels will be built there within the next three years. At least that’s what the experts who analyze it say Transportation development in American cities.

As Insider reports, North Miami Beach Will carry the resident ring and tourists in Tesla cars between seven stops, along State Route 826, between the Golden Glades Transit Center and Sunny Isles Beach in Newport Pier.

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The Boring Company calculated that the entire investment would cost between $185 million and $220 million. Analysts believe this is a fraction of the cost of building a subway in Miami. Therefore, this project has a great opportunity for implementation. Meanwhile, Las Vegas authorities gave the green light to Elon Musk for construction 48 km long tunnel network In this city, which will connect the downtown area to the center.

The entire project is closely monitored by the US government. Recently, the Ministry of Defense has become interested in building underground tunnels under cities in order to speed up Transfer of nuclear weapons. Although the plan is murky, rumor has it that The Boring Company is already building tunnels like these under Baltimore and Washington.