The unknown face of the Polish legend.  The daughter reveals the scenes for the first time

He may not be remembered by the younger generation anymore, but his voice is in their heads, or even the next generation. I often come across opinions like: “Oh, an atmosphere like Ciszewski, no one has created yet.” And they remember: And this is Wembley, and this is the World Football Championship, and this is the Olympic Games. He was fortunate to have had such an amazing time in the history of our sport. And he can use it.

Dad knew many disciplines, especially football and speed. His colleagues called him “The Professor”. It is entirely possible that he will educate the next generation of journalists after his career as a commentator. Perhaps he had a student. In a sense, Mr. Szpakowski was his successor. There was such a match later, when he introduced himself as Dariush Sizhevsky.

Enjoy his granddaughters for a little while

What comes to my mind first about dad? He was a wonderful man with a good sense of humour. The joke was somewhat situational. Hence some of the phrases when commenting, such as “everything is in the hands of a horse.”

What did he teach me? Responsibility, cheerful approach to life, love of culture and art. We loved going to the movies together. I also inherited the way I drive. My husband Andrei always says that I have a heavy foot after my parents (laughs).

Jan Ciszewski with his daughter Janina (1968) (Photo: Archive/Overview of Janina Ciszewska-Szteliga)

Mom Leonarda was my father’s first wife. They separated when I was 13 years old. Later, my mother married a sailor and left for Gdansk. At that time, my beloved grandfathers Sisevsky and my father’s sister – Aunt Zosia took care of me. When I was in high school, my father got engaged to Anya, who became his second wife, and we lived together in Katowice. Even today, I have good contact with her.

Because of his profession, my father often traveled to Warsaw at that time, and then completely moved there. Contrary to the various strange stories, we kept in touch with my father. We had a close relationship until the end of his life.

Bwe Janas, Włodzimierz Smolarek, Grzegorz Lato and Jan Ciszewski during the World Cup in Spain (1982)
Bwe Janas, Włodzimierz Smolarek, Grzegorz Lato and Jan Ciszewski during the World Cup in Spain (1982) (Photo: PAP/dispesze)

Dad enjoyed his two granddaughters Anya and Ola for a short time. After all, he was 52 years old when he died. In the meantime, he married Christina for the third time, and his daughter from this relationship is almost my daughter’s age. I haven’t seen my half-sister since my father’s funeral when she was six years old. This is pathetic.

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