The United States will ban the import of uranium from Russia.  Joe Biden has made a decision

The bill, which was approved unanimously in the Senate and by acclamation in the House of Representatives, stipulates a gradual reduction in the amount of uranium imported from Russia, starting from 476 tons this year. From 2028, it imposes a complete ban on Russian nuclear fuel. As the bill’s author, Republican Senator Tom Barrasso, noted, the restriction is expected to deprive the Russian budget of $1 billion this year.

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So far, 24 percent of US nuclear power plants are powered by uranium from Russia. Therefore, this change is critical for the future of American nuclear energy.

In addition, in accordance with the December agreement between the United States, Japan, France, Great Britain and Canada, Congress allocated $2.7 billion at the request of the White House to develop uranium enrichment infrastructure. This measure aims to increase domestic processing capacity for raw materials, and is another step towards making nuclear energy independent of Russian uranium.

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