The United States: killing children because he believed in conspiracy theories about the Illuminati and Qunun

  • The officers couldn’t believe the defense taken by the man who killed his two children
  • He believed in conspiracy theories about the Illuminati and Qunun.
  • During his interrogation, he stated that the killing “saves the world from monsters.”
  • With the purpose of committing the crime, the 40-year-old kidnapped the children and later killed them with a large number of stab wounds.
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The unusual arrest by the federal police occurred on August 10 at the Mexican border. Officers fell into the hands of 40-year-old Matthew Taylor Coleman, accused of the horrific murders of his 10-month-old daughter Roxy and 3-year-old son Callio.

Coleman, a surfing coach, kidnapped his children and drove them away California To Mexico on the pretext of a family trip. When his wife realized that the husband had disappeared with the children, she immediately informed the relevant services. But it was too late. Coleman, moments after crossing the border, realizes his horrific plan.

Visions and signs that led to the killing

Hiram Sanchez, the California attorney general, told the Associated Press news agency that officers found Coleman’s 3-year-old son’s body on a farm in Mexico, with visible signs of a knife stab. Their number was 17, and the policemen, right next to the boy, found the body of his 10-month-old sister. The girl had 12 knives.

Coleman was arrested a moment later and pleaded guilty on the spot. The 40-year-old has publicly admitted to being “enlightened by the QAnon and Illuminati conspiracy theories.” He added that he had received many visions and indications that his wife carried “snake DNA” and passed it on to the children.

The investigators could not believe what they were hearing. By killing his children, Coleman asserted, he “saved the world from monsters”. He was brought to trial on Wednesday and charged with premeditated murder.

A massive conspiracy theory

According to NBC News, “Qunun is a right-wing conspiracy theory that originally arose around the idea that the president Donald Trump He wages a clandestine war against a host of political, business and Hollywood elites. He fought people who worshiped Satan and abused children.”

Supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory, among other things, invaded the Capitol on January 6 after Donald Trump finally lost the US presidential election. Then four people were killed, more than 50 were wounded, and two bombs were found in the building. At that time, a large man dressed as a shaman caught the attention of the whole world. It turns out that 32-year-old Jake Angeli from Arizona, better known on social media as “Kunun Shaman”, is an actor and singer on a daily basis.


Jake Angeli as Shaman Qanoun at the Capitol

He and the fans love him conspiracy theoriesAnd He claims to have access to secrets kept by the US state. As far as they know, Donald Trump was forced to wage an asymmetric war with a global criminal organization throughout his term, and the loss in the presidential election was a consequence of the actions of this organization.

Believing in a law is not just a fun pastime. It also leads to death, as manifested in the events of the Capitol Building. For reasons that are unclear, conspiracy theorists commit horrific murders. in 2019 Bucky Wolf accused Moayad Qunoun of killing his brother with a swordBecause he thought it had turned into a lizard or a reptile.


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