April 1, 2023


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The union is filing a complaint against Patrick Vega with the National Labor Inspectorate. Why?

Patrick Vega announce “invisible war” as his last Polish film. More business was to be set up abroad. Looks like a creator “pitbull” And Botox However, he changed his mind. According to Wirtualne Media, he filmed the new production with a tentative title “Trinity”Created in Wroclaw. Due to the fact that the wage offered for extras was very low, the trade union became interested in it and lodged a complaint with the National Labor Inspectorate.

Patrick Vega v. The National Labor Inspectorate. What went wrong in the Trinity group?

Movie extras “Trinity”a new movie Patrick VegaEdwin Film Agency was looking for her. In advertisements that appeared on social networking sites, 11 PLN per hour was introducedTherefore, I pay less than the minimum rate specified in the Labor Code. The case has been reported to the National Labor Inspectorate.

This offer is clearly against labor law. We would like to remind you that the minimum hourly wage in Poland is PLN 22.80 gross, which is PLN 18 net. So we asked the agency for an immediate price adjustment. However, because our appeal was not heeded, on Tuesday we had to lodge a complaint with the National Labor Inspectorate – commented in an interview with Virtual Media Piotr SzumlewiczChairman of the Alternative Syndicate Council.

In the complaint, which has been made available on the Alternative Trade Union website, we can read:

There seems to be a double breach of labor law here. First, there are many indications that the agency has illegally replaced authorization contracts with contracts for specific works. Meanwhile, the work of the extras fulfills the terms of the mandate contract (or a full-time position). Secondly, the minimum hourly rate as of January 1, 2023 is PLN 22.80 gross, i.e. PLN 18 net under the mandate contract. This is much more than the amount offered by the Edwin Film Acting Agency.

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Edwin Film has yet to comment on the case.

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