The UK channel Boohoo was forced to remove a sexually explicit ad

London | Boohoo, the British online clothing chain, was called to place an order on Wednesday on an ad that ‘objected and sexually abused’ women’s bodies, forcing the brand to remove it from its website, according to the regulator.

The ad in question showed poses suggesting a T-shirt, especially worn by a female model, in addition to the sold article, “Bikini Bottom and Sneakers Only”. The British Advertising Authority (ASA) ruled that it “should no longer appear in its current form”.

“Partial nudity or a bikini bottom was not associated with the product, and the images were not shown as being worn normally,” the ASA added, acting on the complaint. “Advertising is offensive, harmful and irresponsible”.

Pooh argued that the t-shirt was “part of its swimwear segment” and that the brand “shows different ways of wearing items” in its ads, reflecting “the diversity of women in the community and their customers”. Results of ASA.

But the brand said it “understood the importance of the issues” through the ad and removed the images from its website, it noted.

However, Pooh said in a statement to AFP on Wednesday morning that it was “disappointed with the outcome of this decision” and that its marketing campaigns were “reflective of the brand’s running culture” and were not intended to “deliberately offend” the public. .

Pooh’s headline was down 2.38% at 91.84 pence on the London Stock Exchange at 1:20 GMT on Wednesday afternoon.

The company’s image was tarnished by corruption over suppliers’ poor working conditions in 2020, but the brand has denied allegations of non-compliance with labor law.

Boohoo released its lowest annual sales forecast for the year ending February 28, pointing to epidemic “intermediate” factors, while confirming optimism about its future growth prospects.

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